The Thing About Blogging

The thing about blogging is that it’s not me saying "I know something, I’m an expert." It’s me working things out, and trying to become better and sharing that with you through what I write, even if badly.

Maybe that’s why it’s kinder than social media. On my blog I have time to meander, to make mistakes, to change course. Being long form means that there is context. You might disagree with me, but later on see that I changed my mind.

And it’s MY blog. I can do what I want with it. I don’t need permission from an algorithm to show you what I create. I don't need to contain it in someone else’s structure of post size, post type. I can meander.

Austin Kleon writes a fair bit of insightful stuff about blogging.

There’s a lot of talk about it ‘coming back’ but I don’t think it ever went away. It's just the volume decreased. Have you ever noticed that when you decrease the volume, people tend to listen harder and pay more attention?

My blog is a place for me to try and make sense of the world, a compass and a mirror to quote Seth Godin, a place to make sense and work out what things mean to me. It's a safe place to write in. And this is far more human and kind and natural.

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