My AI Declaration

My work is made by a human for humans

Nothing on my website, none of the text or images have been created or developed using any Artificial Intelligence tools. (With the exception of this single post, where I outlined how AI could be used to clean up errors in text scanned from a handwritten document)

Whilst in some of my work life, as an employee, there have been times when initial queries to generate first draft ideas, or cleaning up of text have taken place, this has usually been to produce work quickly, where time was of more importance than creativity and the human touch. 

Not here though.

My website, blog, photography, videos and newsletters are expressions of me. They are my 'art', my small mark on the world to share some of the things that make me tick. And the process of creating these things is as important to me as the end result. It's my craft.

Likewise, in my opinion, AI models often are trained on steal copyrighted material without the permission of the creator. This is wrong and is another example of big tech arrogance. I despise this.

The world needs more humanity, more art, more love, more beauty, more honesty and more craft.

You'll see as much of that here as I can create. And all of it solely human powered.

This page is another AI Manifesto to tell you how much of my work has been generated with the help of artificial intelligence, inspired by Damola Morenikeji. Hat Tip to Derek Sivers