Have you ever picked up your phone to do one thing and...

...got distracted and then realised that you had completely forgotten what it was you were going to do?

Austin Schrock decided to take a cheap pocket notebook everywhere with him, so that every time he felt the need to note something down, he could use it instead of an app or notepad on his phone. 

You see, the problem with keeping notes on your phone is that it's just so easy to go from note to browser or notification, to rabbit hole, to suddenly coming around minutes later and wondering how you got there.

His post reminded me why I find holidays so creative, when I often turn off my iPhone and instead carry a dumbphone and a little notebook with me. I can think thoughts, make lists, doodle and all without any distraction.

So I've started to carry a pocket notebook everywhere with me again. And I am already finding it useful. Each time I want to jot something down, I reach for my little pad. The trick for success is to bring it with you everywhere. Get into the habit of just popping it into your pocket, with a pen. And then be mindful of every time you go to reach for the phone and ask yourself "Can I use my notebook instead?" Nine times out of ten the answer will be yes.

I have to say, so far, it's working really really well. I feel more aware and less distracted. I can make notes in any format I choose. Neat or rough, it doesn't matter.

And the best bit is the randomness, which sparks little moments of excitement, when I leaf back through it and find a note from past me that suddenly sparks with other ideas of present me. All feeding my innernet.

Why not give it a go yourself?

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