Hello, I'm Alastair Johnston.

Here is how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • My favourite way to converse is email.
  • I mainly write on my website.  To see what I'm focusing on, I have a now page.
  • I use Substack to share my newsletter and a new writing project - The Unmachined
  • I have left Twitter or "X" and instead occasionally pop up on Mastadon which is a nicer place to be, but a bit quiet...
  • I dislike LinkedIn as a platform, but use it to connect with work colleagues, and to keep an eye on the job market. I don't use it for ongoing communication, I'd rather email.
  • I do use Instagram, but only on occasion, to connect with close friends and colleagues.
  • I do not use Facebook or Threads.

This is an example of a Hello page. If you would like to make your own to encourage better communication, and share it with me, I would be happy to link to it.