These are the books that I am either currently reading or have piled up either physically or virtually to be tackled next. This page will change as books are added to the stack or completed.

Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott

Often listed as one of the best books on writing and creativity, full of warmth too. I'm enjoying this one, slowly. And it will be something I expect to refer back to many times as I write more. For a little bit more insight (not a full review thought) you might want to visit this post.

Behind the Lens - My Life - David Suchet

Behind the Lens: My Life by David Suchet (English) Hardcover Book Free ...

My favourite Poirot, a thoroughly decent man of huge talent who also is a passionate photographer. What's not to like? And I was lucky enough to buy a signed copy in a local bookshop. Double win!

Rest is Resistance - Tricia Hersey

'Rest is Resistance' von 'Tricia Hersey' - eBook

A wake up call. Can doing less be an act of defiance against what has become the expected modern culture of working hard to buy more stuff? Is the modern world propping up a culture of consumption? I was particularly interested in the thoughts around how keeping people tired is a way of control. Rest allows dreams, time to think and to plot and to question. 

Your Head is a Houseboat - A Chaotic Guide to Mental Clarity - Campbell Walker

Your Head is a Houseboat: A Chaotic Guide to Mental Clarity:  Walker, Campbell: 9781743797495: Books

These last few months I've been struggling to get clarity on a number of issues and thoughts whizzing around my brain. There have been some dark moments and times of real uncertainty and confusion. I stumbled upon Campbell's (or Struthless') Youtube videos, which are amazing - clear, frank, honest and funny, which led me to this book. I'm reading it and applying the exercises, journalling and generally unravelling my thoughts. Written in his trademark Aussie style, this is one of the most approachable and useful books on mental health I've read in a long time. If you don't know Struthless, have a look at some of his videos and then buy this book. Highly recommended.

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music - Dave Grohl

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music: Grohl, Dave:  9781398503700: Books

My current evening, bedtime read. I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan and this book has had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions. You can hear Dave Grohl's voice in the writings, profanity included. But there's also a great deal of heart and soul coming out of this memoir.

Tiny Habits - B J Fogg

Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything eBook : Fogg, BJ: Books

I'm a firm believer in the power of using habits rather than willpower to try and make lasting change and improvements in life. This book popped up and I see it linking in with another favourite of mine, James Clear's Atomic Habits, so decided to buy and read. 

All About Me! My Remarkable Life in Show Business- Mel Brooks

All About Me by Mel Brooks | Waterstones

Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, The Producers.  One of the funniest film directors and producers of all time, in my opinion. The man is a legend. So when I saw this on sale, I had to buy it immediately to read when I need a pick me up and a reminder that in the end laughter is the best medicine.

The Walkers Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs - Tristan Gooley

The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs: Their Meaning and the Art of  Making Predictions and Deductions: Tristan Gooley:  9781473621992: Books

I bought this book because I want to get to know nature and the weather and to read the environment around me better when I'm out and about. This book had some very good recommendations and the subject matter fascinates me. I want to be more connected and grounded in nature. I'm hoping this will help me to start this process.

Four Thousand Weeks - Oliver Burkeman

It's been a long time since I've reserved and then rushed out to the local bricks and mortar bookshop to pick up a book on the first day of its release. But this title achieved that award. Oliver Burkeman, from what I have so far read, helps to wrestle time management away from the self-help circus, to a much more profound way at looking at how you and I spend our very, very limited time living. Although I've just started reading it, I feel this book aligns almost perfectly with my interest in Living Well. You need to buy this book, simple as that. Finished: Review coming soon

A Time of Gifts - Patrick Leigh Fermor

Just like Laurie Lee, Patrick Leigh Fermor sets out to walk from Rotterdam to Istanbul in the 1930's. I first heard about him in the excellent Natural Born Heroes and then kept noticing references to how good his writing was. This is one of my summer holiday reading books, together with the next one in my bookstack (below) Did not finish, but will revisit this winter.

A Time to Keep Silence - Patrick Leigh Fermor

Maybe, travel writing can also be about contemplation, introspection and keeping silent? Here, Patrick Leigh Fermor experiences the monastic life in France and Turkey. 

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life - James Martin, SJ

A practical, spiritual guidebook written by a funny and wise Jesuit priest. This book gently encourages you to think about your faith, connecting with God, prayer and living a good life. Not just for Jesuits or Catholics (as I am neither) but a book full of new insights, guidance and comfort. 

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