These are the books that I am either currently reading or have piled up either physically or virtually to be tackled next. This page will change as books are added to the stack or completed.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

This book is so good. I can see why it is often recommended in those lists of the best fiction. I'm reading this before bed to help unwind and clear my thoughts. A funny but also in places tragic story, told through the experiences of occupied Greeks and occupying Italians and Germans in WWII. Rich, poetic language paints pictures of hot Mediterranean days as Corelli falls in love with Pelagia, the doctor's daughter. To me, one of the reasons I love this book, is that the cast of characters is so real, and so unique in the way that small, isolated communities allow. This book is a joy.

The Almanac - A Seasonal Guide to 2021 - Lia Leendertz

An impulse buy. A small hardback book listing wonderful things to look out for, to cook, see and read throughout the unfolding year. Recipes, nature, moon and tide data. As something to improve my engagement in the world around me, I'm glad to be dipping into this little gem.

Designing Your Life - Build the Perfect Career, Step by Step - Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

This one is good, but requires some thinking and reflection. I bought this to learn how to apply Design Thinking to career, life choices and planning the future. 

Brendon Chase - BB

This is the current bedtime story book for my son. Originally published in 1944, Brendon Chase is a cross between Lord of the Flies and and PG Woodhouse farce. Three boys bunk off and live wild in the forest as outlaws, outsmarting various adults, aunts, vicars and policemen. Some references are very much of its time with the boys shooting animals, catching wildlife and even smoking pipes with "Smokoe Joe", an old charcoal burner who lives alone with his dog. I stumbled upon this from a recommendation and my son is loving this odd little tale. Finished. Review to come soon, but in one word, brilliant!

The Inheritors - William Golding

Another dip into prehistory with this tale of Neanderthals (or similar pre-homo sapiens) trying to make sense of the world around them and to the emergence and discovery of modern men. It's written from the primitive humans point of view and the language takes a while to become easily read, but I'm sticking with this novel after a failed attempt to read it last year. The reviews are pretty positive and it is written by William Golding (I studied Lord of the Flies at school) so I'm hoping to get into this classic tale. Finished. Review here

Mudlarking - Lara Maiklem

Subtitled "Lost and Found on The River Thames" this book is all about the "Mudlarks" - people who sift through the silt and mud of the Thames at low tide to unearth coins, buttons and all manner of interesting objects that tell the story of this amazing city. I saw it heavily discounted on Kindle so made an impulse buy. I can't wait to dig in to this.

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This article was updated on February 6, 2021