Future Log: The Alastair Method

I'm a recent convert to Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal system for keeping on top of my tasks and projects while at the same time keeping a record of notes, thoughts, lists and observations.  The system just seems to work for me.  Low tech is good.

But one of the problems with it is the difficulty in listing or planning future events.  Without writing out a full year diary it's difficult to add events in a separate container, that is also easily updatable and quick to read.

So I came up with my own solution.

BuJo Forward Planning

What I do is to write a series of columns for each month on the left.  Here I chose the next 6 months.

To the right I simply add in each future event with it's exact date and then put a dot in the column that represents that month.  It doesn't matter if the events are not added chronologically.

When it's time to move these to your monthly planner page, all that's required is to quickly scan down the column of the month, locate the dots to signify entries for that month, then migrate the actual tasks to their dates in the monthly list.

Simple and effective.

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