Spined Calendar: The Alastair Method

How can you fit a number of months into a two-page calendar spread whilst still keeping things legible?

Although I use a variety of future logs, for yearly planning there are times when I prefer something more traditional. But the issue for me has been how to best use the available page space, whilst also having the highest number of months visible.

My solution to this turned out to be quite simple. Move the dates to the middle and surround them with the day indicators - aka 'spine' them. I've found that it is just as easy to tell any particular day of a month, be it left or right of the date signifier. 

This system allows me to see four months at a glance, so is great for high level planning and three double pages give you your whole year.

I've also found that there is enough space for most events in that half page and if I really need to expand beyond a single lined entry for a day, I can easily add more details directly above or below without things getting unclear.

I don't use this spread for detail. It's more about key dates, holidays etc. For everything else I use either my future log or a simple daily log page.

I hope you find it useful.

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