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My Midsummer Morning

My Midsummer Morning - book review and thoughts

There are times when I feel trapped in a life of domesticity. With countless ties pulling me away from the freedom to just disappear, go, think, walk or travel. I'm a middle aged man, husband and father so with these roles, naturally, come responsibility and…

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Digital Minimalism - book review & notes

I recently read Cal Newport's latest book Digital Minimalism - On Living Better with Less Technology after being one of the volunteers who agreed to provide him with feedback from a 30 day digital detox. As somebody who is already in alignment with a lot…

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What went wrong with the internet

I mean, it’s sort of like a cult of personality. It’s like in North Korea or some regime where the religion is your purpose to serve this one guy. And your purpose is to serve this one system, which happens to be controlled by one…

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What I learned taking a Digital Declutter

As you might know, in January I decided to pull the plug on all non-essential internet and web hee-haws. I’d had an email from Cal Newport and decided to give it a go. I wanted to see what effects it would have and if it…

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How to quit LinkedIn but still be uber-employable

An old school friend whom I'd not spoken to for years suddenly connected with me. We'd spent a long time together as teens. Life had moved on, I'd moved up North, changed careers many times, become a whippet owner... This friend was now half way…

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What Derek Sivers taught me about Facebook

I've just got into an argument with somebody, I'm confused by all of the options and I'm not sure if you'll still want to be my friend. Everybody wants to be popular, to have people like them. But I had begun to enjoy being a…

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Mindfulness and the One Penny Phone

Now that the clocks have gone forward and the days are getting longer I'm starting to plan some holiday and adventures for the spring and summer. For me, one of the joys of taking breaks and getting outside is switching off from technology and all…

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