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Putting the One Percent Rule into Practice

Note: I originally wrote this piece back in 2015, but never hit publish. But it's here now... After dropping off my son with his childminder I reckoned I had about 45 minutes spare before the 9.00am clock on. I was wearing a pair of shorts…

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Why I ride

It’s at around the 2 mile mark when I’m aware that I’m not thinking about what I’m doing anymore. It’s the Buzzard that flies overhead, matching my speed so it seems to be hovering above me, almost within touching distance, giving me a few moments…

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Middle-Aged Man in Lycra

As the clock on my ageing work laptop showed 12.30pm I closed down Outlook and powered everything off. 12.35pm, I was upstairs, shoehorning myself into my aging lycra. Orange and Black like all of the most dangerous things, the McLaren F1 2017 team, Harley Davidson’s…

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