There is no "Them"

There is no "us" and "them".

The Nazi's said the Jews were "them".

Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, and many more say that immigrants are "them".

The migrant on the boat with their child, the children who wash up drowned on the beaches of Dover and Kent, the people in our country who might look or talk a little different than you or me - the Daily Mail and some other media say that they are "them".

I'll let you into a secret Lawrie, there is no "them".

We are all humans. Every single one of us is a child, a brother, sister, mum, dad, friend.

There is no "them".

Could I get onto a small inflatable boat with you on board, risking not just my death, which would be ok, as I'm older and have lived a life, but yours, the one person that your mum, or me would willingly sacrifice our own for?

Don't buy the hate message, don't buy the rhetoric.

There is no "them". We are all them.

We are all just trying to get by. To live, love and leave a legacy.

We are all "Us".

Please remember that.