Introducing Hello pages

Image: GimpWorkshop at Pixabay

How can we be more social, without relying on social media?

For a while now I have been thinking about this problem. So I decided to create a simple solution, to scratch my own itch.

What if I created a single page on my website, and just listed the ways that I prefer to keep in touch and why? A kind of 'rules of engagement'. That way, anyone could get in touch with me, and vice versa, without needing to rely on algorithms, or guesswork as to which platform would be best.

So today I built my Hello page. 

And I have a plan. 

If you like this idea, and get what I'm trying to achieve here, then I would love it if you would build your own page, and share it with me.

If this takes off, then I propose to create a single directory, listing all of the hello pages, simply in alphabetical order. So anyone knowing your name (and a few tiny bits of information to narrow down the search, which I'll expand on later if this thing takes off) could just as easily say "hello", to you too.

Update: So after putting my idea out there, the excellent Patrick Rhone shared his thoughts on his blog. And then the following people put up their own Hello pages, which I'm sharing below:

Come and join us! Let me know and I'll share here.