How to fit your work to your personality type

I am an INFP.

For those of you unaware of Myers-Briggs personality types, I strongly recommend that you find out what your type is.

Today's eureka moment came when I was thinking about my current job, managing a team in a medium sized organisation and why it doesn't seem to make me happy.  Well, to be honest, it makes me feel anxious and worried a good deal of the time.  And I've felt this in many jobs.

Thinking about why this was so, and if it was because I was lazy, no good at my job or overly worried, I looked up some research I had been doing on Myers Briggs personalities.

I found this:-

INFPs and INTPs have the lowest job satisfaction of all types (Myers et al., 1998).  Both types noted that they were dissatisfied with their company, the work they did, and their future job opportunities.

I also found that the reason I get stressed with budgets, deadlines and other people asking me what to do at work are that,

INFPs, like all Perceivers, enjoy a relaxed, casual working environment without tight deadlines or strict rules.  Structured work with lots of little details to remember does not appeal to them; they would rather work creatively with freedom to improvise.

The best part about all of the above is that I now realise I need to go easy on myself.  There is not something wrong with me, it is just that my current mode of working does not fit easily with my character strengths.

And finally, one of the preferred and best fits work-wise for an IFNP is writing and peaceful surroundings.

INFPs love writing and are heavily overrepresented among students in creative writing courses.  As noted previously, one of the job prospects for INFPs was Writing.  In this age of internet, where anyone can publish an e-book, this may be a profitable hobby indeed.

Indeed... just maybe this blog will be the beginning of a new career and life.

What do you think?  Have you changed your work to fit your personality?  Do you agree/disagree with Myers-Briggs personality type testing?  Let me know.

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