Hoverfly dreams

Hoverfly Dreams

When things get tough, this is what you should do: Make good art. I’m serious. Husband runs off with a politician — make good art. Leg crushed and then eaten by a mutated boa constrictor — make good art. IRS on your trail — make good art. Cat exploded — make good art. Someone on the Internet thinks what you’re doing is stupid or evil or it’s all been done before — make good art. Probably things will work out somehow, eventually time will take the sting away, and that doesn’t even matter. Do what only you can do best: Make good art. Make it on the bad days, make it on the good days, too.

As a fan of Neil Gaiman's "Make Good Art" I decided on a lovely sunny lockdown Saturday to see if I could photograph one of the Hover Flies skitting above my head as I enjoyed laying in my garden.

The end result took some time, but I'm happy with it.  Have I shot better and dare I say sharper images? Of course. But that's almost missing the point. Part of the joy in making good art, bad art, cakes, furniture, gardens or even friends is to just enjoy the process.