Accidentally discovering Eyebombing

(or how we learned to make the world a nicer place with a small packet of googly eyes)

We were standing in Tesco's technology area looking at computer keyboards, headphones, TV's, and assorted paraphernalia. This was the bargain struck by my 10 yr old, in return for him following me around the store to purchase our evening food. As we looked around, he spotted an advertising poster. A bunch of trendy looking people on a zoom call, smiling and advertising the beauty of some tech offering. Only one of the good looking people looked slightly unusual. On close examination we spotted the problem. Her eyes. They bulged out looking at odd angles. Some wit had stuck on a pair of googly eyes. We both laughed at the sheer anarchy of this tiny rebellion.

I did not know that this was a 'thing'. Not later on when I decided to buy a packet of these eyes from a local craft shop, or even later when I decided to begin sticking them in unexpected places around our home. Nope, it wasn't until Googling "Googly Eyes" that I stumbled upon the the name for this activity "Eyebombing". And there was once a foundation, dedicated to this form of art, although it seems to have run out of steam.

It's brilliant, and funny and, well, just makes people smile. Since the original Tesco's trip I've stuck eyes on the dog food container featuring cute Labrador puppies, on birthday and Christmas cards, but most regularly on our monthly calendar. Last year was whippets, this year it's birds. All look better with googly eyes.

The trick is to not tell anyone when you've improved something like this. Just wait and softly chuckle to yourself every time they pass the target. The anticipation is almost more pleasurable than the reveal. 

It's a process that only makes people smile. It lightens up the world a bit and makes it just that tiny bit sillier and nicer.  I would thoroughly recommend it!