Bare Trees and February Skies

One of the annoying, yet sometimes interesting features of online photo storage such as Google Photos and even Microsoft's One Drive is the suggestion that suddenly shows you "2 years ago" type reminders of what you have shot.

A few days ago, I was surprised to see a picture of bare trees, silhouetted against a wintery sky. It looked familiar. Then I realised that it was familiar because I had taken almost the exact same photo this year.

Trawling back through my archives, I made an interesting discovery. I seem to notice and enjoy recording these types of picture every February. It's like I have a little, subliminal theme running in my head, that I add to annually.

I notice the shapes and patterns. Often I shoot in monochrome because February feels dark, colourless, a time of winter rest, ahead of the sudden bright, blooming that will arrive in spring.

It's good to notice what we notice.

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