Alastair is Hiring

Thanks for clicking on the Adword in Google that I placed.

I’m assuming that you have a problem to be solved. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to solve it for you. Perhaps I’ll even solve some problems for you that you weren’t actually aware of?


I’m a Regional Fundraising Manager with over 8 years experience.

I’ve worked for some of the best known charities and supported teams of staff fundraisers to bring in substantial income from individuals, groups, schools and educational establishments, corporates, community groups and legacies.

In addition I have a huge amount of experience in working with volunteers. Whether that’s helping recruit new fundraising volunteers, training and supporting speakers or developing strategies to improve the effectiveness of entire volunteer departments, I can find, train and support the type of people who will help your charity achieve it’s goals, or manage others to achieve this.

Before managing teams of fundraisers I was a successful one myself, working to bring in an income of over £412,000 in one of my roles as a community fundraising manager. It was a job I loved and was pretty good at too (if I say so myself)

I’m a people person with a head for technology and media. In English this means I can deal with the HR and development requirements of managing people as well as use innovative technology and social media to increase effectiveness whilst keeping costs low.


2012 - Present: Barnardo’s - Regional Community Fundraising Manager

  • Managing team of 6 Community Fundraising Volunteer Managers
  • Charged with raising £512k net
  • Led on Volunteer Strategy
  • Delivered combined events with Gifts in Wills team

2011 - 2012: Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Regional Fundraising Manager

  • Managing all community fundraising to deliver budget of £230k

2007 - 2011: The Children’s Society - Community Fundraising Manager / Regional Fundraising Manager / Senior Community Fundraising Manager

  • Delivered income of £412k
  • Line management of further 2 Community Fundraising Managers

2003 - 2006: West Sussex Voluntary Organisation Liaison Group - PPI Project Manager

  • Management of staff and volunteers for 9 forums supporting local NHS health services
  • Redesigned staffing structure, later adopted by other organisations.


If you’ve an existing team of Community Fundraisers I can manage them to achieve more.

If you need to recruit a new team, I can recruit, induct supervise and performance manage them.

If you need a manager with the ability to develop new ideas or working practices then I can research, test, and launch whatever you need, be it a new product or class of volunteer.

If you need written material to engage with your teams or supporters I can help there too.

If you want to bring your charity up to a more modern way of looking at fundraising or engagement - yep that’s me again.


I have a unique set of skills gained from my personal mix of previous employment.

A self-employed mindset from being a Freelance means I prefer to get started without having to ask too much permission. If I make a mistake, I’ll apologise, learn from it and do much better next time. I’d rather try something and get it wrong, rather than wait for permission and lose the potential for an elegant win.

Photography, video and written word have been important whilst I worked in media. I’ll deliver your message, whether internally or externally in a vivid, engaging and creative way.

Being a people person, who likes helping others to achieve, allows me to empathise with volunteers and staff and work with them to help them achieve their goals and those of your team or charity.

Having delivered many hours of presentations, training and fundraising talks from groups of 2 to groups of over 100 I can deliver your messages to the public or to staff in an engaging and confident manner. I love public speaking.


I’m looking for any of the following roles, or something similar in your organisation.

Head of Fundraising (Smaller Charity)
Regional Fundraising Manager
Fundraising Team / Department Manager
Development Manager
Head of Volunteering
Senior Volunteer Development Manager


If you’ve got this far, I’m glad to still have your attention. I’m assuming that you are in some way interested in taking things further. Maybe you want me to email my CV or to have a chat over the phone to see if I fit the position you’re thinking of. That’s great.

But first, I want to really make sure that you’ll also fit with me and in particularly how I work. I don’t want to waste your time or mine. So, just to get a few basic requirements of mine onto the table,

If your role is voluntary or based on a salary below £30,000 then sorry that’s not for me. My salary expectations are higher than what I’ve just outlined, but for the right organisation with outstanding vision and benefits I might give some consideration, but only if there was some other clear benefit such as your charity’s mission, way of working or vision.

If your role requires me to work in your office every day, then again please consider somebody else. I’m happy to travel to an office for meetings and the occasional days when required, but I do firmly believe that effectiveness is measured by output, not time spend sitting on an expensive chair, behind an expensive desk in an expensive office. I am not based in London - so please don’t expect me to commute there daily.  Trips to an office there are fine, but not more than twice a week.

I expect plain and clear speaking with people who want to make a difference by their work.

I need to work with charities who can demonstrate a huge difference they make by their actions.

You, and your team, matter to me a great deal. I prefer to work with people I like. I don’t do office politics or corporate speak.

Still here, OK I am a bit surprised, but then again, grateful.

What’s next?

I guess we need to talk? Feel free to get in touch via either email: mail [AT] or call: 07976 694 344


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