2020 - A Year of Less

During the Christmas and New Year holiday of 2019 I did what I often do and reflected on the passing year and what I would like to focus on in the new one.

2019 felt emotionally and physically busy. I felt that I there had been too much to do, too many commitments, too many calls on my energy. And as a result of this many things that we important to me, didn't get done.

I started 2019 marking my 50th year with grand plans on all of the great things I was going to achieve. The adventures I was gong to plan. The fun and laughter. Things that would be different this time. But the busyness won out, I lost out to all of the 'more'.

More didn't work.

So as I reflected on what is important to me and what I would like to do in my 51st year, the word that kept coming back to me was 'less'. Maybe if I pared down, reduced, and simplified by focusing on less, I would actually live more.

So my focus for the next 12 months, which will invariably influence what I write on this blog, is going to be heavily influenced by less. Less technology, less distraction, less consumption, simpler more joyful things, saving money, reducing noise and clutter and distraction in order to focus on the important parts of living a good life.

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