How the Instagram crowd ruined Bullet Journal

“I stopped Bullet Journaling because I wasn’t getting as many likes.” she confessed.

At last, Ryder Carroll addresses something that's been bugging me for a while now. Your Bullet Journal is a tool to help you live your life better. It is not a tool to show off on social media. Life is sometimes messy and your BuJo probably should be too.

I have nothing against using clarity, beauty and even fun in a Bullet Journal. There is nothing that says it can only be just text.

But to me, my Bullet Journal is a tool to help me to be mindful and to help me get things done. It's absolutely not something that I put together to show off to the world and to crave likes with. Yes, there is value in sharing techniques or inspiration, but do that genuinely, not to enhance your profile or become a thought leader or (shudder) influencer.

And, if you are a newcomer to the Bullet Journal world, please don't get pulled into feeling bad that "mine is messy, why can't I make it look like this? I must be doing something wrong!"

It almost angers me to see something commodified like this.

My bullet journal is deeply personal. If it wasn't, I know that it would be a sham, and not doing what I was pretending it does.

So please, please, please, can I make a plea for honesty, privacy, personal tools and mess.

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