Embracing Twixtmas

Around this time a few years ago I wrote a small piece about the bit between Christmas and New Year where I was contemplating that magical place between December 26th and 31st.

Well apparently it has a few names! Austin Kleon, put me onto this brilliant piece by Helena Fitzgerald who named it "Dead Week" in recognition that even if you are working for some of these days, no one is really working. 

And then somewhere else I saw it referred to as Twixtmas, which has a lovely, more British feel to it.

But whatever you call this period, I hope you manage to revel in it. The importance of having at least one week where you can throw off any hustle culture. Where you can give yourself time to actually live, spontaneously. Whether that involves lie-in's, long walks, preparing food slowly and with love to be eaten in a similar fashion.

For me, it means time to sit quietly in the morning, smelling the pine scent of the tree, cuddled up with my first morning mug of tea, dozing whippets by my side, being grateful for this gift of slowness. Taking time to read actual books and watch movies all the way through. Of going on long bike rides with my son on his new wheels. Of stealing afternoon naps. Of having days with no agenda. 

It's a gift of time and I implore you to savour it.