This is an antisocial page.

I do not use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat or LinkedIn 1.
I do still currently use Instagram and WhatsApp 2.

You can best get in touch with me via email: and then if needed let’s exchange contact details and talk!

1. I choose not to use these social media platforms for a number of reasons. 

  • I believe in the free and independent web. I do not like communicating with friends and colleagues through a third party who’s algorithm’s decide what we see.
  • I do not like the tendency for these platforms to polarise opinion, making us ruder to each other and reinforcing our own prejudices.
  • My attention is valuable to me, I protect it.
  • I choose to avoid behaviour modification attempts by advertisers or organisations.
  • I believe that by using these platforms I subtly encourage others to do so, and that this is ethically wrong if I disagree with their business models.

2. Whilst I personally find Instagram a more positive place and gain some value from it, I struggle with it’s owner Facebook and the sharing of my data. Likewise WhatsApp, which is used by most of my friends/colleagues but does seem to allow direct communication without an algorithm deciding on what I see. As these two platforms do not at present distract me I currently continue to use them.