Where are your windmill makers?

Your charity, your organisation is in desperate need of more windmill makers.

Windmill makers don't follow the party line. They get overlooked, other people think they may be slightly crazy, they are given many, many reasons why their windmill will not work.

And you know, they just keep going. They take rubbish from a junk yard, they learn how to do what they need to do despite you, the charity, the organisation or the perceived experts.

Eventually the wind blows, the sails turn and their little project lights up a small bulb. Soon it's lighting more bulbs and a radio. Soon many of the naysayers are queueing up to use the power created by the windmill.

Windmill makers are infectious with their determination, passion, and skills. If you take the time to spot them, support them and sometimes just get out of their way, you'll be amazed at what what they'll do for you, your charity or organisation.


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