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Snow on a School Night

At 8pm, the snow started. Thick white flakes began to tumble out of the night sky, leaving meteor trails in the streetlight. You noticed the flurries out of the window. By 8.30pm you couldn’t keep still. The snow was now settled, an inch thick. The…

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Can your todo list app do that?

Next time you’re planning to buy groceries, can I suggest that instead of tapping them into your phone, maybe using a list app, that you find some paper, or a notebook and pen? You see, when you let your 7 year old son write the…

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Lunchtime dip

Have you ever seen a frog in a pint glass? The water was cold and I'd removed a few leaves and bits of grass from the surface. As I peered over the side, something made me jump. A brown and bottle-green frog darted along beneath…

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Parenting by Post-it

How to be a good parent, in two easy Post-it notes. As I looked up from my work, I caught you writing on the wall. I watched as you slowly scratched out the message on the green Post-it note. "be nice!" Then you smiled and…

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Why I ride

It’s at around the 2 mile mark when I’m aware that I’m not thinking about what I’m doing anymore. It’s the Buzzard that flies overhead, matching my speed so it seems to be hovering above me, almost within touching distance, giving me a few moments…

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I am FOR being a Dad

This is a response to Gwen Bell's recent FOR Kid-Free Living post. You might want to read it first and then come back here to see why she's in part wrong, and in part misguided. I came to the whole parenthood game late in my…

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