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A February Night Walk

Maybe it's because the days also seem dark, groundhog days. Or just that with working from home, whilst also supervising the 8 year old's home schooling it feels dark. Maybe it's just my lockdown mood, but I've often been going out to run or walk…

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How to really switch off on holiday

I'm going away tomorrow with my nearest and dearest for a well earned holiday. So, in order to make the most of my time, I am mindful of what I take with me. Part of switching off, involves, well, switching OFF. If you'd like to…

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How the Instagram crowd ruined Bullet Journal

“I stopped Bullet Journaling because I wasn’t getting as many likes.” she confessed. At last, Ryder Carroll addresses something that's been bugging me for a while now. Your Bullet Journal is a tool to help you live your life better. It is not a tool…

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Can your todo list app do that?

Next time you’re planning to buy groceries, can I suggest that instead of tapping them into your phone, maybe using a list app, that you find some paper, or a notebook and pen? You see, when you let your 7 year old son write the…

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