Stojo Pocket Cup review

photo: Nic McPhee


If there is one thing worse than office tea and coffee then it's office tea and coffee served in an office mug.

Weak tea, made in a rush and then finished off with milk substitute is not the drink of the enlightened.

Instant black coffee granules, probably between six and twelve months stale, served in scalding hot water does not fire up the brain synapses.

But worse, much worse than these crimes against refreshment, is the serving of these liquids in a chipped mug, crusted on the inside with a million shades of tea / coffee / soup stains.

I saw an article on 'telly recently that explained how most of the disposable coffee cups bought on the street were in fact not recycled.  And I was a bit surprised and shocked.  And then I saw the inventor of a small, silicone reusable cup ply his invention. He sold it as saving the planet, being good for the environment and useful, as it could be folded down into a small ice hockey puck and then safely stowed in one's man bag.  Yada, yada, yada...

But, I noticed one thing. You could get one in bright orange!!

So, in order to save the planet, and save my digestion from one trillion nasty bugs passed to me by the great unwashed (and chipped) office mugs of the world, I decided to stump up a reasonable amount of cash and buy my first Stojo Pocket Cup.

And you know what, I'm impressed!

You simply pull out the hidden white sleeve, pop the cup open to it's full splendid 120z capacity and then slide the sleeve up outside the silicone to make the cup more stable and shield your hands from the heat.

It comes with a silicone seal for the drinking hole as well, to save spills and also to seal it when you've finished with your drink and want to fold the cup back down and carry it away in your bag.

The whole thing is dishwasher proof too, so it can be properly washed (not like it would be in the office sink!!) when you get home.

I think it's great!

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