Lunchtime dip

Have you ever seen a frog in a pint glass?

The water was cold and I'd removed a few leaves and bits of grass from the surface.  As I peered over the side, something made me jump. A brown and bottle-green frog darted along beneath the surface to get some shade. I tried to catch it with my hands, but a wet, underwater amphibian with an attitude of predator avoidance is not going to be easy to grab.

So I found a pint glass, which became almost invisible when submerged, and scooped up Froggy to remove him safely to the bushes at the side of the garden.

I'd been sitting through a meeting for work in a very hot room. I was due to work from home in the afternoon so my lunch break was my window. I sped home to make it in time.

10 minutes later I was in my swimming shorts with my son in the garden. Into the water and within 10 more, we were having a water fight, splashing each other and filling the lunchtime air with the sounds of screams and laughter.

I thought that getting into the pool was the hardest bit. Feeling the chill from the water. But actually I was wrong.

Deciding to do something different, to do something silly, to grab a lunch break and turn it into a memory - that was actually harder to execute. There was a lot of resistance as I told myself, "this isn't very grown up", "maybe later", "I shouldn't".

But again, when I overcame this and decided to live in that hour, it seemed just the best thing I could have possibly done.

What fun, silly, exciting, memorable thing have you done in your lunch hour to make it a memorable one? I'd love to hear your ideas!