How to write badly

This post is probably a bad one. As you read it months or years into the future, you'll see just how amateurish it was. How could I be happy with such a piece of tat? Why haven't I deleted it? It's out there for all to see and so you, dear reader, can understand just how rubbish I am as a writer.

The thing is, writers write. They get down and produce words regularly. When the muse strikes... but also when it's grey, pi$$ing down with rain outside and their motivation is at an all time low.

I want to write for a living and to support myself and my family. I want to become a good writer. And in order to do this I need to put in the hours and graft. Getting better requires, no, demands this.

You learn from mistakes. You learn how to write well by being willing to write badly at first. Writing badly is part of the process.

So, although this post is most probably below average, at least I can be happy knowing that by forcing it out there, I'm slowly getting just a little bit nearer to my goal.

If you want to earn a living as a writer or blogger, the best thing you can do, right now, is to just write.