These are the books that I am either currently reading or have piled up either physically or virtually to be tackled next. This page will change as books are added to the stack or completed.

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

One of the best Stoic writers to refer to in order to try to live a good life, deal with adversity and all that it means to be human. One of the reasons I particularly like reading Meditations is that Marcus Aurelius wrote it for himself, almost as a journal/blog, rather than as something to be shared with others. This results in a deeper level of honesty and intimacy. I bought the Gregory Hayes translation in a small pocketable paperback, second hand from World of Books, but the Penguin copy linked to is another good version.

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now - Jaron Lanier


Facebook, Twitter, Google and similar are making you nasty, anxious, isolated and less compassionate. In addition they are distorting your reality. Social media is not inherently bad, but social media controlled by single corporations who choose what you see, sell your attention to the highest bidder, lack ethics and feel untouchable, is. Don't be lazy, don't bring out the trope "Why worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide." Maybe the only way to make things better is to not be complicit in what these companies stand for and leave.

My Midsummer Morning - Alastair Humphreys

I've been a fan of slightly madcap Alastair Humphreys and his adventures for some time. His latest book follows his retracing of Laurie Lee's famous As I walked Out One Midsummer's Day, which is one of my favourite reads from last year. Alastair travels across Spain with only his ability to play the violin badly as a means to earn money for food and drink. I've bought this as my summer holiday read. (Update: I've written a review of this book here)

Designing Your Life - Build the Perfect Career, Step by Step - Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

This one is good, but requires some thinking and reflection. I bought this to learn how to apply Design Thinking to career, life choices and planning the future. 

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

This is the current bedtime story book for my son. Like lots of people I had seen various film adaptations to this famous story of piracy, but never read the original. It's darker in it's original form and has some wonderfully archaic language, but so far we're hooked.

The Plains of Passage - Jean Auel


I've resumed reading fiction before going to sleep, as a way to quieten the mind and improve my rest. I finally decided to read the fourth novel in the Earth's Children series, after devouring the first three as a teenager. As someone who studied ancient history and archaeology, this series brings to life the Cro-Magnon era in a wonderful way.

This article was updated on September 13, 2020