A February Night Walk

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Maybe it's because the days also seem dark, groundhog days. Or just that with working from home, whilst also supervising the 8 year old's home schooling it feels dark. Maybe it's just my lockdown mood, but I've often been going out to run or walk after dark for a few weeks now.

There is something anonymous and quiet about being the only soul running or walking his hound in the village and along its roads. It feels comforting.

Yesterday, I managed a good few miles. Beside the pavement, were bare trees, fairy lit with raindrops and shine.

I passed a young lad coming the other way. He politely stepped into the road. I thanked him. He acknowledged my thanks with

"Stay safe!"

I stopped and snapped a few images on my phone. Later I sketched one of the pictures into my small notebook. This house I had passed had a small, lit window high up. I loved the feeling of warmth, but also the enveloping blackness of the sky, behind almost black walls.

I then re-photographed the sketch and tweaked the contrast to really darken it, before printing out the final copy (at the top of this post) to paste in my journal.

Stay safe.